Motor repair equipment leader

From the start-up period, the introduction of a full set of motor repair equipment, multi-station, multi-process combination of production lines, and then developed a high-efficiency motor with semi-automatic, fully automated production line, the basic technology to lead the pace of development of domestic enterprises, and gradually become the domestic Motor winding manufacturing equipment, one of the leading enterprises.

At present, the main customers of the company are large motor repair enterprises supporting motor coil production equipment and motor repair shop, the electrical and mechanical industry customer expansion power fluctuations, resulting in fluctuations in operating income. With the advancement of new urbanization, overseas economic recovery, the downstream motor repair business needs of the steady rise in the industry trend has emerged.

From the perspective of reducing operating risks and opening up new growth space, we will actively promote the development and marketing of new-energy products for motor winding manufacturing equipment. Motor as a large domestic power consumption, about 60-70% of the annual electricity consumption by its energy-saving emission reduction in the context of improving the efficiency of motor conversion to achieve an important starting point for energy-saving emission reduction. The development trend of the energy-saving motor is that the slot of the motor stator embedding channel is small, and the electromagnetic wire and slot in each slot are high. At present, the existing single function single machine can not meet the technical requirement of energy-saving motor manufacturing. Therefore, the rapid expansion of energy efficient motors and other factors to open the winding manufacturing equipment demand space.