Vibrators daily maintenance and maintenance of common sense

In daily production, no matter what equipment, its use of a long time, will be a variety of problems. The pneumatic vibrator is no exception, if the long-term use of pneumatic vibrator, and not for any maintenance, the use of the process, there will be a variety of problems, to a certain extent, greatly reducing their service life. Then, the daily maintenance and maintenance of pneumatic vibrator need to pay attention to what aspects?

First, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or in a dark, damp place. By the impact of the surrounding environment, easy to cause its surface off, corrosion or aging phenomenon, not only affect its appearance, and even damage the quality of the product.

Then, each time you use the pneumatic vibrator, you can use a clean soft towel to easily contaminated parts to carefully wipe the surface so as not to appear ash. If not cleaned in time, a long time, it will form a thick dust, and difficult to remove.

Finally, you can properly apply anti-rust oil on top of the pneumatic vibrator. As the pneumatic vibrator material used in stainless steel, its use of a long time, prone to rust, corrosion phenomenon. Therefore, the amount of anti-rust oil applied to help its maintenance.

In short, the pneumatic vibrator for regular maintenance and maintenance, can effectively extend the life of the period.