Precautions for safe use of concrete vibrator

Precautions for safe use of concrete vibrator

(1), concrete vibrator should be responsible for the custody of the person, the custodian must have certain technical knowledge about the safety of concrete vibrators, storage must be careful maintenance of the vibrator and regular inspection and repair.

(2), the concrete vibrator power wiring must be correct, the motor must be consistent with the mark, the insulation must be good, the motor insulation resistance must be greater than 0.5 megohm, must have a reliable protective earth, and must install leakage protection switch.

(3), before using the ministries must be carefully checked to see whether the Ministry of vibrator connected firmly, wire, motor, vibration rod (or vibration plate) is intact, no problem to confirm, to start using power transmission.

(4), the operator must understand the use of concrete vibrator safety knowledge to use, do not know who can not be allowed to use, the operator must wear insulated gloves and wear insulated shoes.

(5), the first use of the vibrator test run, to confirm no problems, can be officially used, the plug-in vibrator, if the motor rotation, the soft shaft rotation, and vibration rods can not shake, Gently knock to, you can start vibration.