Three - phase asynchronous motor can not run start troubleshooting method

Motor has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy to use, low price and so on. To ensure the timing of the normal operation of the motor to motor according to the requirements of quality standards for inspection, running the motor and the axis of the device to be dragged to be aligned, no significant vibration in the operation, be sure to maintain good ventilation, Wind wings to be intact. Always observe and measure the motor grid voltage and the normal operating current, the voltage change should not exceed ¡À 5% of the rated voltage, the rated load current of the motor can not always exceed the rated current, to prevent the time overheating, and check whether the motor starting protection device action Flexible and reliable. Check the motor part of the temperature rise is normal, but also often check the bearing temperature, sliding bearings shall not exceed degrees, rolling bearings shall not exceed 70 ¡ă, rolling bearing running sound to be clear, no noise. For the operating environment of the motor to do anti-smashing, Fang Lin, moisture. For the poor environment, often moving, frequent starting, overloading, etc. to strengthen routine maintenance and maintenance, timely detection and elimination of hidden dangers. This paper only for three-phase asynchronous motor can not start running this fault analysis and processing.